Wake me Up.

  Just a heads up, Enchantment officially opens tomorrow! I was lucky enough for a sneak peek at all the creative themed pieces each designer has made, and you all will not be disappointed. Cellar Door has also put out a new thick flowing gown. Not only perfect for the chilly days to come but the color selections are fantastic and prices 0.o crazy low! Let us also remember We ❤ RP will be once again opening and below i have featured Ms. Jali’s owner and creator of GSpot’s head piece and bracers..perfectly perfect! Enjoy.


Skin~ .Birdy. Snow Skin..Enchantment!!
Hair~ *X*plosion Nana
Dress~ ~CD~ Anala..NEW!! Huge varity of colors as well /
Fur wrap~ *COCO*_FurStole..Perfect for the coming winter!
Wings~ *COCO*_Doll_InsectWings
Head piece with matching bracers~ .:GSpot:. Dyonysos bride creme..The upcoming We ❤ RP!
Necklace~ .:GSpot:. Maris Necklace..Enchantment!!

cellar new close

Setting the mood.





  Just a quick reminder of Zibska’s 48 hour event. Not only is it one of my most adored designers but her entire store is 50% off, only for a limited time! Many perfect pieces will be found, along with make-up, hair and jewelry. 


Head piece~ Zibska Wrona

Click the ad below, and allow me to offer you a lift! 


Snow has Fallen.

The snow has fallen upon the lands of the Unknowns, and a season of fresh attire to be found. Below i have found a sweet fur lined jacket at Valentina E that i adored first sight. Let me also mention the new boots from COCO are a must have, flat as well which is not common with most creators. Now let me say this quickly, i am not sure if i am the only one having issues, however i was hoping designers would start make mesh pants that will fit under mesh boots. I can’t tell you how many times i have spent hours trying to find just the right size, to then be disappointed… Enjoy.


Skin~ .Birdy. Snow Skin..Enchantment!
Hair~ “”D!va”” Hair “Ana”..COLLABOR88
Jacket~ :V.e. Sienna City Coat
Pants~ ::: B@R ::: Rogue Leather Pants
Boots~ *COCO*_KneeBoots..FAV!
Collar~ DRIFT Chic Leather Collar
Head piece~ .:GSpot:. Dyonysos bride


 The Unknowns has now reopened after having a fresh sim rebuild. Alika Xaris has painted an amazing role-play environment for all to visit and enjoy. After years of building and customizing  sims, she has amazed many with this winter village that i call my home. If you are in search of a creative builder that takes the time to paint a feeling then Alika is the one for you! 

final unks

Monster and Men.

Just a few short days and Enchantment shall open its fairy-tale gates! If you are interested in looking at the creators taking part then HERE is your link. Below i am featuring not only a breathtaking skin from birdy but too a gown like none else from Zibska! Both of these treasures you can get at the Enchantment which starts Nov 1st. Enjoy.


Skin~ .Birdy. Snow Skin..Only at Enchanment!
Hair~ “”D!va”” Hair “Layla”
Dress with collar~ Zibska- Electra..Enchantment as well!! ❤ it.
Apple~ . a i s l i n g . Deadly.Apple..Enchantment my friends!


Setting the mood!


  Indeed i was able to snatch Thorius up for yet another post! Wrapped snug around his leg, we are featuring The Fallen’s new outfit. Now as most of you men already know, there is not as much in the sl fashion world if you aren’t a woman. However Triad the creator of The Fallen has come up with an amazing piece along with his many other items… Enjoy.


On Thorius

Outfit~ * The Fallen* Reaper

Scarf~ Poet

Sword~ LR Gladius Of Sin

Shield~  LR Legionnaire Shield 

Spear~ LR Kronos Spear

On Manna

Skin~ .Birdy. Snow Skin..ENCHANTED!! Nov 1st.

Crown and feather collar~ G-Spot Raven…ENCHANTED..So amazing!

Ribbons~ CAVERNA OBSCURA..Color change o.0!


Mood Music!


 Something fabulous is birthing before us fairy tale dreamers. Enchantment shall open its Snow White themed event Nov 1st @ 1slt. Not only shall it pull you into the tale itself, but you will be free to purchase the exclusive items to treasure. Take a peek HERE, to glance at what will be. Enjoy.


Skin~ .Birdy. Snow Skin..Only at Enchantment!1 Absolutely breath-taken.
Hair~ Boon
Dress~ *(JunBug)*Snow White in Brown..Exculsively at Enchantment! Many colors to choose from ❤
Wrap~ SAIKIN fur wrap ash
Head piece with matching Necklace~ Coming soon to G-Spot!!


You may take a look HERE, for a look at items that shall be at the Enchantment!


Mood Music!

Your Song.

 Some events are ending, while new shall begin. A fairy tale event based around Snow White will begin Nov 1st! All of you fairy tale lovers, Enchanted will be a 3 month cycle selecting our most loved fairy tales as their theme! Let us also remember an event that all proceeds go directly to The Epilepsy Therapy Project..HORRORFEST!! Many amazing items are to be had, and below i am featuring a few of my own favorites. Now i must say when i went searching out maternity wear i was not exactly pleased. It had seemed  mesh was all around us, breasts,bottoms why couldn’t a baby bump be made? Well it now has, Apple May designs has just released the very first one! Now it may not be for everyone, but those whom role-play, this will be a must have for the more natural looking beauty of pregnancy.


Skin~ [theSkinnery]Runa
Eyeliner~ MONS / Makeups – black eyeliner series-5
Hair~ Eaters Coma – HAIR 34
Mesh Baby Bump~ Apple May Designs..Baby Bump!
Skirt~ *SoliDea FoliEs* Grace
Belt~ *EC* Kasia- Zodiac
Bracers~ O.M.E.N – Stormborn Bracer..Group Gift!! Hands down, one of my favorite stores.
Crown, Rob & orv~ {anc} a royal…Horrorfest!!


For Baby Melkor ❤