Take you Away.

  I hope everyones Thanksgiving was as filled with family and fun as my own! Been a crazy house the past few days, but i was still able to find a few favorites to share! One of my finds was from [M.ink], a well done henna applier for slink hands o.0 Yeah i know!! With the updated version of slinks hands you are able to do just about anything, so add a bit of detail with other henna to your liking. Do remember there are many events going to be opening in the next few days. For example The Arcade as well with the Jewelry & Accessory expo will be keeping me busy, so do check back for links! Enjoy.


Skin~ .Birdy. Snow Skin
Eyeliner~ -UtopiaH-
Hair~ [LeLutka]-BELLE hair..Get more options of color on the headband if you edit selected texture!
Top~ **DIRAM** CHANEL Top.
Undershirt~ (Ooh LaLa!) Betty BodySuit Top..Modified.
Skirt~ Paperbag. The Goddess Skirt
Belt~ GizzA – TUTU [Luxurious Leopard] belt
Bracelets~ [The Forge] Ailida’s Bangle
Boots~ *(Junbug)* Zelda boots.
FaceChain~Soedara~ Atikamekw Face Chain..Modified.
Hand Henna~ [M.ink] Hand Applier Tattoo – Henna Series..LOVE IT!!
Rings~ .Enfant Terrible. Vintage Girl..COMING SOON!


Setting the mood!


Just a Game.

  The new event Jewelry & Accessory expo will soon be opening. Many top designers have been busy at work and below i have featured one.  Vintage style fur pieces is what .Enfant Terrible has brought to life, as well as well thought out ring piece! Also to mention The Arcade Gacha will soon be open, and i can’t wait to finally get a few things i have my eye on! Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy.


Skin~ .Birdy…Snow

Make-up~ MONS

Lipstick~ La Malvada Mujer


Earrings~ :[P]:– Krysis

Fur Shoulder pieces along with Hat~ .Enfant Terrible. COMING SOON!

Rings~ .Enfant Terrible. One thing i can say of these is…PERFECT!

Bracelets~Soedara~ Quanah of the Plains


A sneak peek at the new Fantasy Gacha Carnival sim! 


 Event after event..but you don’t see me sad! So many hot buys and below i have featured only but a few.  On A Lark being one has come out with not only a slave outfit, but certainly could be used for a free! The fur textures are well done and my favorite, the bolero which can be worn with many different outfits! Let me not forget to mention .Enfant Terrible. soon to be coming sandals, completely fab mesh work these pretties can be worn with the slink feet! Many different colors to choose from Jali has not disappointed! Enjoy.


Skin~ [theSkinnery]Runa

Make-up~ MONS beach

Hair~ ^;^CaTwA^;^ Selena

Corset~ *OAL* Asteria Corset 

Skirt~ *OAL* Boon Skirt~ Black

Bolero~ *OAL* Boon Sleeves~ Harvest

Pants~ the muses . Rainha

Belt~ [BUKKA]sky-camper’s belt

Armor~ [The Forge] Eldar Armour..Love the new colors!

Dart Sheath~ [EZ] Prowler 

Sandals~ .Enfant Terrible. Wayfarers sandals..COMING SOON!!

Headdress~ The Library..Titania Headdress – Silver

Collar/Necklace~ The Forge 30l Fling Fair.

Necklaces~ :[P]:– Corda

Shield~ PFC!!

Bow~ LR Weapons.


Take a Listen.


  With the start off of the 30l Gacha fling Fair, there will be much to be posted! The designers have worked truly hard to make such unique pieces,and clicking HERE shall bring you directly to the event! Do remember The Fantasy Collective as well as We ❤ RP are still going on along with SHOETOPIA!  Below the feeling i was going for was chilled fur covered goodness!! Enjoy.


Skin~ .Birdy. Snow Skin
Make-up~ MONS
Dress~ *{Junbug}* Deer Me Fawn RARE..Absolutely Lovely! 30l Gacha Fling Fair! TY ISO!
Fur Sleeves~ *CASHMERE*Fur Sleeves
Fur wrap~ SAIKIN fur wrap ash
Undershirt~ Color.Me.H.O.F
Headpiece~ .Enfant Terrible. Wood crown autumn..The Fantasy Collective!
Staff1~ * May’s Soul* shaman scepter..30l Gacha Fling Fair..MOD!!
Staff2~ [Little Tasta] Tallis Staff..The Fantasy Collective!!
Necklace~ [The Forge] Torc (Rust 3)..30l Gacha Fling Fair!


Some Bon Iver to start your Sunday!

Carry you Home.

  With the many events underway, let us not forget The Fantasy Collective. Below i am featuring none other than *OAL*. The creative lush gown Navanna, did not take long to place a story of sorts behind the picture. *OAL* is as well participating at the 30l gacha fling. Make the time to pop over and see her items along with the other amazing designers! Enjoy.


Skin~ .Birdy. Snow Skin

Hair~ Boon

Dress~ *OAL* Navanna..The Fantasy Collective!

Veil & Necklace~ *OAL* Navanna…Both come with an amazing color hud!

Bird Bath~ [Tia] Love Doves Birdbath..30l Gacha Fling Fair!! Lovely.

Twig,Berry decor~ [Tia] Watercan Twig Deco..30l Gacha Fling Fair!!


  Today starts off the ” Winter is Coming” 30 linden gacha fling fair. Many designers have based their items around such a theme, and have not dissatisfied in the least. Below i am featuring Enfant Terrible combination of wings and crown, such detail placed in each! Many more posts shall be made with the items i shall snatch up today.  Now through the 26th, try your hand at the machines to see what treasures you may get!  Enjoy.


.Enfant Terrible.  Ice crown  RARE

.Enfant Terrible. Frozen heart Gacha wings


Clicking the advertisement below shall bring you directly to the event!!


The Light.

 The inspiration in which took form of this mood was from Kungler. A delicate looking dress, simple yet full of detail as if petals ribboned about the neck. You won’t be disappointed from taking a trip over to the mainstore, i was able to purchases a few dresses as well as unique jewelry.  Also to mention The Fantasy Collective, where to my head pieces are from. Enjoy.


Skin~ .Birdy. Ingrid Skin..NOW in store!!
Eyeliner~ -UtopiaH-
Hair~ [LeLutka]-ADILE
Dress~ (Kunglers) Irina dress..The details upon the neck is what pulled me to purchase this right up!
Scarf~ DRIFT
Socks~ fri. – Legwarmers..SHOETOPIA!!
Crown~ ieQED twig.crown.bark..Adores this <3..The Fantasy Collective!
Face Piece~ [Keystone] Woodland Headpiece [Limited Edition]..The Fantasy Collective!
Ring~ MG – Ring – Mermaid’s Serpent Eye ..COLLABOR88

white final face

Love the live version!