Tomorrow will be a shoppers dream for FaMESHed and  Fantasy Faire 2014 will once again open!  Let us give applause to the 6th round of Fantasy Faire, for all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society’s so let us show our support 😉  Below i have featured a lovely gown by Zenith, floral shabby feel made this a must have for any lady. Also Milk has released a new hair @ FaMESHed, and if you are sporting a blond look i myself love her textures. Let us not forget The Fantasy Gacha Carnival shall too be opening, May 4th will be the GRAND day! Enjoy.


Skin~ .Birdy. Kayla Skin

Hair~ *Milk* Hair~Love notes @ FaMESHed

Dress~ =Zenith=(Begie)Lana Long Dress @ FaMESHed!

Floral headband~ =Zenith=Grape Leafs Corolla @ FaMESHed!

Rose Bracelets~ May’s Soul Arabian worn in yellow, but a variety of colors! Only at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival!

Rose Necklace~ Arabian rose necklace @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival!







  In less than a weeks time The Fantasy Gacha Carnival will once again be underway May 4th. Below featuring many masterpieces made by the one and only .aisling, as well as war paint which caught my eye right away! With having to wait 3 weeks for my new PC to arrive i have been slightly late with many of my posts, so do look forward to a few more coming soon. Enjoy.



Skin~ Birdy Kayla Skin..Detailed lovely and always high quality!

Face paint~ ::B&C:: Warpaints Gacha – Tribal 2 – RARE Coming SOON @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival!

Hair~ LeLutka Cheryl..A sleek style to allow most head dresses to fit properly 😉

Dress~ :[P]:- Aeris Dress..New location!

Sandals~ Yasum*MESH* SLINK * Steam Sandal Adore and soon @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival!

Head Piece~ . a i s l i n g . Fangarth Headdress ULTRA RARE..Could not be more impressed by .aisling. for such highly detailed work..A HUD to kill for as well! Soon @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival 😉

Necklace~ . a i s l i n g . Fangarth-Necklace -RARE Also a beautiful piece with a HUD included to make just about any mood you are seeking. Soon @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

Bracers and Leg Pieces~ . a i s l i n g . Fangarth SOON @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival!





The Feast.

Only but a handful of days until The Fantasy Gacha Carnival opens for the 4th round! So many amazing goodies available, and below i have featured a few. I must say i was taken back by [bauwerk] gacha piece. A lovely table setting with an assortment of items to complete its look, certainly one of my top picks 😉 Enjoy.

table 3

face final

Skin~ .Birdy. Kayla Skin

Make-up~ MONS @ Cosmetic Fair!

Hair~ little bones. Moon Child soon @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival!

Flower Crown~ [LF] Romantic Flower Headband Red soon @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival!

Face beads~ Tiar Crown soon @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival!

Dress~ .Luminary. Beatrice. coming soon from Enchantment!

Table Setting~ 22769 ~[bauwerk] The Feast..Absolutely highly detailed pieces, stunning! Only at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

22769~ [bauwerk] The Feast [ad]




  With the many events storming us lately, it is no surprise to find your mid whirling! However I believe the bloggers give all a helpful hand at where to go and even the direct landmark to such things you wish to purchase..So cheers to all you bloggers! Let us remember The Seasons Story is still going on but too shall The Fantasy Gacha Carnival be opening with such surprising items! Below i have featured many of such great finds. Enjoy.


umbrella full


umbrella close.

Hair~ tram D318 hair @ The Seasons Story!

Make-up~ MONS @ The Cosmetic Fair!

Dress~ . a i s l i n g . Laura Dress @ The Seasons Story 😉

Heels~ . a i s l i n g . Indiana’s Roses @ The Seasons Story!

Bracelet~ Frogstar – Marauder’s Bracelet @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival opening May 4th!

Choker and Ring~ {N} Forest friends @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival!

Flower Crown~ ANE Spring Crown Turquoise

Umbrella~ Primus Wagasa Umbrella @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival!







It has been a long bit since my last post, but much has happened in the fashion world of SL. Please forgive such an absents, however my computer and myself had a disagreement hence buying a new PC! Let me get started by saying The Seasons Story A++ along with the many new items being received for the upcoming The Fantasy Gacha Carnival! Within the next few days i shall try to catch up on posts and give many teasers towards the TGC openings for May4th 😉 Enjoy.




Skin~ .Birdy. Kayla Skin @ The Seasons Story!

Eyeshadow~ MONS @ The Cosmetic Fair!

Jacket~ Peqe – Pirate’s Jacket @ The Fantasy Collective!

Corset~ :[P]:- Anasaze Corset

Skirt~ !gO! Fantasy Fierce Female @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival..Opening soon!

Shoulder, Belt and Leg pieces~ Dark Swan..Highly detailed and lovely i must say only @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival..Coming soon!

Boots~ JD – Ara..FAB boots of the year in my book @ We ❤ RP!

Necklace~ Zyn ~ Cthulha Dagger Amulet @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival ❤







  A few new items have been released from ieQED @ The Secret Affair! The gacha machine consists of numerous of highly detailed crowns for men and woman! Also ieQED’s NEW item for the event is a highly detailed arrow shoulder piece! Never does Sigi leave me disappointed in the least with her way of bringing to life something that is truly brilliant. Do remember to take a pop back over to The Secret Affair to snatch up the variety of NEW ITEMS 😉  Continue reading

Dare Me.

Immediately after The Secret Affair has opened, a success it has become. With numerous of top designers all gathered together, it did not surprise me in the least. Below i have featured a warrior woman with a number of the items from not only The Secret Affair, but to We ❤ RP! If you wish more added information about The Secret Affair click HERE and you wish will be granted! Enjoy. Continue reading