In the Stars.




Today starts off the Tales of Fantasy event, themed after mythology! With a custom set designed by Enigma, i found it quite inviting 😉 Below featuring one of my finds, which i must say is my favorite from the event! Haste has designed a clever gown that you can either make long or shirt. Not to mention with this dress comes a hud in which you can change the look as well as the texture for the cage like top! Also Keystone did not disappoint in the least with her creative headpieces. So do take the time to pop over. Enjoy.

cage up


Skin~ [theSkinnery] Chloe @ The Arcade!

Hair~ Magika [Hair] Reading NEW!

Headpiece~ [Keystone] Corva @ Tales of Fantasy!

Corset Top~ :[P]:– Malchia Corset NEW!

Dress with Cage top~ [Haste] Deity White @ Tales of Fantasy!

Belt~ ::Axix:: Shurakai Belt Gold

Arm pieces~ PFC~Medusa bracer & Zeus arm @ Tales of Fantasy, can tint as well 😉






With The Arcade newly opened as well as We ❤ RP, you should not have a difficult time pieces together an outfit! However myself, i do still enjoy going beyond those and many other events and stop by some of my favorite designers main-stores 😉 Gizza’s new pants where my inspiration for a strong female outfit, and along with the other items i think it came out pretty well ❤ Enjoy.


Skin~ [theSkinnery] Chloe 1 RARE @ The Arcade!

Hair~ Magika Written NEW!

Circlet~ :[P]:- Kharys Circlet-Gemstone @We ❤ RP!

Top~ .DirtyStories. Her Chest Armor

Shoulder Pieces~ ieQED stag.pauldron @ We ❤ RP!

Necklace~ . a i s l i n g . Didi Necklace for free on their exclusive table!

Pants~ GizzA – Untouchables / Trousers NEW!

Belt~ Luminary Jane Belt!

Sleeves~ .Enfant Terrible. Phyllidas Gown Sleeve

Sandals~ Pure Poison – Gladia Sandals ❤ these!







  In the mood for amazing designers today? Well We<3RP will open within hours as too The Chapter Four! Below i featured many items from both, and was able to create that fluffy tutu warrior look i was aiming for 😉 Let me shed some light on a few designers that have made my head turn the past few events, for one random matter as well as Pixicat for creations well done! Both have seemed to come from no where only to become HUGE, applause to you both. Also as most already know .aisling. and their way to bring anything imaginable to life. Enjoy.


Skin~ [theSkinnery] Chloe 1 @ The Arcade!

Hair~ booN AAN330 NEW!

Halo~ .random.Matter. – Deucalion Halo w / HUD @We<3RP!

Shoulder Piece~ [The Forge] Eldar Collar, Gold @We<3Rp!

Top~ -Pixicat- Ornate.Dress (Bronze)..Now this gown was absolutely beautiful, however i did something slightly different and placed a tutu over. There are NO rules in fashion @ We ❤ RP!

Tutu~ AMITOMO.tutu tulle skirt Beige Cream NEW @ The Chapter Four!

Bracers~ .aisling. Eunice Bracelets Gold @ Tales of Fantasy coming soon!

Staff~ .aisling. Jahanem New at We ❤ RP!







Get your linden purses ready my friends, for many events are opened and soon to be upon us! The Arcade a huge event has already opened, and doing very well. If you have yet to get a teleport through, rest assure it is well worth the wait and keep trying 😉 Along with such an event there are a few soon to be opening, We ❤ Rp begins tomorrow as well as The Chapter Four! Both events have a great reputation for offering must have treasures. Below i have features just one of those pieces from Milk obtainable @ We ❤ RP..great for head pieces just a hint there! Let me just say that again..HEADPIECES, .aisling. has once again stunned the SL world with such beauty as such the headpiece below. The entire ensemble can be found at Tales of Fantasy which stats the 10th of June. Each item comes with a gem changing hud and the Ultra Rare chest pieces as a HUD like none-else, mark it on your calenders and see you all there! Enjoy.

front final

Skin~ [theSkinnery] Chloe 11 NEW @ The Arcade!

Hair~ *Milk* Hair~Bang! Bang! NEW @ We ❤ RP! Opens Tomorrow 😉

Dress~ Peqe – Dominance New @ Fit for a Princess!

Accessories~ .aisling. Eunice New @ Tales of Fantasy Opening June 10th!

Sandals~ Pure Poison – Gladia Sandals – Gold..Perfect for any attire you put together ❤

back final






  Yet another sweet Alice theme post, which i won’t lie are my FAV! The new heels from ieQED is what started this ribbon of fantasy, and below you will find her HUGE selection of color choices<3  Also after visiting the Fashionart Fair i was sold right away when i spotted this little corset dress from REVERIE.  Enjoy.Image

Skin~ .Birdy. Kayla Skin

Hair~ .:EMO-tions:. * PRIA * @ The Deck!

Flower Crown~ . Liquence . – Flower Crown W/ color HUD!

Necklace~ MG – Necklace – Wonderland Elixir – Drink Me – SILVER

Alice Corset~ {REVERIE} Mesh Corset Dress – Alice @ FashionArt!

Bracers~ [The Forge] Gem Bangle

High Heels~ ieQED chacha.sandal NEW!! In World Store and amazing color changing HUD 😉

Candle birdcage~ 22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Nevermore Mahagony/Gold @ The World Goth Fair!

Chair~ 22769 ~ Graphic Chair Octopus @ The World Goth Fair!







  Yet another fine female warrior outfit for those bad ass girls in game! With The Dark Fair open, it was effortless to place together a few sweet pieces to create such a look! Also bringing in a few older items such as, the Kilt from Rochambeau and mask from PFC 😉 Anyone can buy a treasure from an event or main-store, but it’s by using your imagination which creates something none else have 😉 Enjoy.


Skin~ .Birdy. Kayla Skin

Eyeshadow1~ Pekka eyebags NEW!

Eyeshadow2~ MONS

Hair~ /Wasabi Pills/ Sanna NEW!

Face mask~ PFC~Amazon – crown Do note that this crown has feathers, You simply edit the crown itself and select face, click the feathers ad make them transparent 😉

Top~ [AB] Hot Shirt @ The Dark Style Fair!

Corset~ Riske – Nairi Corset Ash @ The Dark Style Fair!

Neck chain~ Cute Poison – Miseria Collar (Silver) @ The Dark Style Fair!

Armor~ *May’s Soul* Desolation Armor @ The Countdown Room!

Kilt~ (RoMesh) Bandit Kilt

Sandals~ -FAUN- Xi Gladiator Sandals

Sword~ PFC~Torden







Sneak a Treat!

  Spring has sprung in NY 😉 and so has my mood! Below featuring just a few spring like treasures, including Apple May’s cute dress! I am a softy when it comes to the baby-doll look, even though it is frowned upon in gor ( wear pants with) it can be worked! May Soul has also just put out a cute combination of summertime treats, so take a look! Let me not forget that .aisling. has refreshed their store lay-out, i for 1 love it ❤ Enjoy


Skin~ .Birdy. Kayla Skin

Hair~ Moon{Hair}. Windmill

Dress~ Apple May Designs Vanity Dress

Bracelet~ *{Junbug}* Filigree Bracelet @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival!

Shark Purse~ Tentacio Shark Purse red!

Hand held tray of Sweets~ Tentacio sweet box RARE

Knee highs~ fri. – Knee.Socks (Chocolate)

Shoes~ ieQED skuld.stud.flat @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

Bed & Pillows~ AF Aristocrat 

Table with goodies~ .a i s l i n g . BathStand ❤ Go check them out, a new store lay-out!